my recent trips in Europe…my silence on my blog

Well, what can I say. I did promise myself to keep up with my blogs….and here I am … not been able to blog lately… No escuse, or maybe far too many. First, I went to Amsterdam to attend a great (one of the best that I attended so far) social media marketing external event #es20 – Some way of staying connected after the event are in place, such as Linkedin group . Facebook group Twitter list – I met with some incredible and fantastic people from SAP, Philips, Google, Sony Ericson, to name a few. We also had a great meeting with the IBM IOD EMEA Team and introduction to Euro RSCG team. From there, I went back to London and then started a European Road trip for a full week. Starting with Introduction to Euro RSCG to UK team, then went to Paris, then went to Stuttgart (by train, don’t ask me why…) and then back to Paris to then go to Milan to then back to Paris, and then quick trip to London to pick my son up to then go on 1 week holiday (well needed) in the French Alps in Val Thorens. I just got back but then went straight out again to Milan for the IBM Web days event where I presented on Social Media to the Sellers community along with Jeannette Browning. The event was organised by Roberto Magnini and Anna Silvia Bernotti. Congratulations on such a well organised and well attended event … So here I am. back again in London and determine to keep up with my blog this time… promise !


2 thoughts on “my recent trips in Europe…my silence on my blog

  1. Nancy says:

    What idea did you walk away with as other big companies shared their best practices during the event in Amsterdam?

  2. Delph says:

    Hi Nancy – Thanks for your comment. let me write a post on my blog to response to your questions. A lot to say on that !

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