HNY 2010

Well, I can only start my first blog of 2010 with wishing you all a Happy New Year … So Happy New year ! Now that being said, I have to give an update of my recent news… as I had a few trips and haven’t been keeping up with blogging lately… I knew that was going to happen… damned ! So, back in early December, I went to Paris to present IBM Social Media Marketing strategy to AXA Group, along with my colleagues Jason Wild, Global Leader Innovation Discovery, Dr. Françoise LeGoues VP, Innovation Initiatives and Cathy Lasser, VP CTO Distribution Sector. It was a very interesting meeting and it was a great opportunity to share our views and strategy around social media and Innovations. Then on December 13, I flew over to Parma, Italy to again present our social media marketing strategy to Barilla during their digital marketing camp WW event. The camp’s subject was:  “Digital consumer and digital brands: how to interact” – revolving around the use of social media in today’s consumer marketing. Participants was marketing executives and managers from Barilla, both national and international. I was asked to share with the audience what IBM is doing in the digital marketing area, according to which strategy, with which (positive or critical) results and with which future perspectives and developments. I was on the agenda along with 2 other speakers : Nick Thomas  from Forrester and Massimiliano Magrini, former Google’s country manager, from Annapurna Ventures. Nick Thomas presented : “Beyond the TV, the future of digital content” and Massimiliano Magrini on :”The digital revolution. How to flourish in a demand-driven economy.”

 – It was such a great event and I was so well received by the Barilla team. Lovely dinner afterwards and a absolutely awsome present … A handbag from Tod’s. I mean this is not just a simple handbag but the most beautiful handbag I ever had…. And while I’m not under  the FTC rules that apply only in the US, I feel that I should mention it anyhow ! So thank you the Barilla Team for looking after me so well and for giving us the opportunity to share our social media strategy. Back in London now, after a wonderful trip to Egypt with family for christmas  and Paris for New Year’s eve to catch up with the entire family… It’ s snowing today in London and we were fight snowing with my son Max this morning on our way to school…


2 thoughts on “HNY 2010

  1. Brett says:


    I enjoyed reading your blog and about your trip overseas. I’m taking an Internet Marketing class right now and have been learning about different types of social media and how it is used to market products and services in an effective way. I would have liked to listen to you present to AXA group to learn more about social media marketing strategies, but until next time good luck with everything.

  2. poncia22 says:

    I enjoyed reading your trip to Paris to present IBM social media marketing strategy to AXA group. I found it interesting because I am currently taking an internet marketing class at school. I wish I could have viewed the presentation because I am very interested in social media marketing and how it is applied in a real life setting.

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