Bing… Bang….

Today’s Microsoft and Yahoo announcement for a 10-year Internet-search partnership has the potential to disrupt the search marketing and advertising landscape.

According to Business Week,  In a long-awaited pairing aimed at taking on Google, Yahoo will handle ad sales while Microsoft gets the real prize: data on who’s doing what online

Yahoo will scrap its own efforts to best Google in search and instead rely on Microsoft’s recently debuted Bing search engine. Ads placed next to those search results would be served up not by Yahoo’s ad platform, dubbed Panama, but by a Microsoft technology called AdCenter. Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz “is essentially giving up on search,” says Danny Sullivan, editor of Search Engine Land.

Wall Street Journal mentions that the revenue-sharing agreement has Microsoft paying 88% of the search revenue generated from its sites during the first five years of the agreement.

By adding Yahoo’s 20% market share, Bing assures its place as the only search engine provider other than Google with size that really matters.

Who says competition is wealthy ? sorry I meant  healthy ?!

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