Think global Act Local

Well… it’s been a while since my last post and it has been a very interesting time indeed – First of all, IBM Super Women Group event in Raleigh on June 12 was great – Ruth Taylor and the team organised a first class event with so many great ladies, Jeanne Murray was one of the co-presenter – My presentation, “Create an electronic footprint – Social Media and you ” was I believe very well received. Quick flight to NYC on that afternoon, for IBM 2009 Social Media Marketing Summit – We had over 650 attendees, BPs, Customers and IBMers joined us for what was going to be one of the greatest social media marketing event I attended lately – Not that I’m biased as the co-chair of the event with Pauline Ores, but I have to say that the agenda was amazing … Best practices / case studies in the morning such as Intel or Pepsico – The afternoon was dedicated to vendors such as Cotweets, Linked-in and our agencies Text 100 and Ogilvy. The event was broadcasted in 5 cities (Stuttgart, Paris, London, Raleigh, San Jose) and over 300 people joined us on line via Lotus connections. Since then, I’m back in my little office down in London, and I have been so busy with running so many SMM education calls to the team across the globe, that I haven’t blogged  much since my US Trip. Watch this space, going to put some pictures of those events onto my blog … as soon as I can get my camera to work again ! Damn, I should have bought a new one on Times Square, I knew it…

2 thoughts on “Think global Act Local

  1. StephanJade says:

    Great article you got here. I’d like to read something more about that theme.

    • Delph says:

      Hi there ! Thanks, tune in to my blog. That’s all I write about… mainly – You can also follow me on twitter @delphrb – connect on Linkedin, and Facebook !
      Thanks for visiting my blog !

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