Today is the day…

Today is the day… that I am committing myself to ……look after my blog ! This blog in fact… Since I joined IBM WW Web Marketing organisation, led by Gina Poole, our WW VP Social Software, I haven’t had time to look after my blog… And this is bad… really bad, cos this is what I do : Preaching, evangelising the use of software… and guess what. here I am thinking I have no time for my blog…. So, that is it. I am not NOT writing on my blog anymore. I started my new role as WW Social Media Marketing Manager WW IBM SWG since October last year and I love every minute of it. I feel that I  simply have the best job in the world !! Anyway… so, watch this space and more to come ! I will try to make my blog insightful and useful and fun too ! And here is a personal message to my darling James bond who is training in NYC and that I am missing enormously…. but the positive side of it, is for my blog. I managed to get some time back this week while he’s away to go back to my writing. He will  be pleased to hear it ! even to read it !


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