Don’t forget my ibmsmm#

If you do see this ibmsmm# all over my blog… No panic, this is just my # for IBM Social Media Marketing… always handy !

And here are some ways to get hold of me :

twitter : @delphrb

Why I am an IBMer ? here is the answer…


One thought on “Don’t forget my ibmsmm#

  1. Jim Moffat says:

    Delphine, perhaps you could help the outside world understand what IBM Social Media Marketing is all about, or at least include a link.
    Is it about connecting with customers customers?
    Is it about helping customers connect with customers?
    Both of the above or something else?
    Secondly what does social media marketing mean to you? Are you and IBM interested in B2B or C2C (and is there a difference any more?)

    And of course companies aren’t just looking at the marketing implications of social media. Marc Benioff yesterday in London gave some interesting insights into customer self service trends and Twitter – drawing implications for traditional call centres. We Google first and then we ask others, via Twitter – lastly we may call. And is going further by turning those conversational Twitter gems into nuggets for knowledge libraries.

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